Boost your company security with ease

“Follow a few simple steps and you can avoid 85% of the most common digital threats.”

Marc Goodman (Author of Future Crimes)

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Your Position

You are the managing director or (part-time) security officer of an SME and therefore responsible for digital security.

Your Problem

Your cybersecurity level is below 20%. You don’t have a tool at hand. Expert advice is expensive. So you do – nothing. A high-risk strategy.

Your Solution

Our SECURITY TASK MANAGER is both “expert” and “implementer”. The tool defines the relevant measures, implements them and reports. Security made easy.

Our offer

Protect yourself against data loss, encryption and blackmail. With this SECURITY TASK MANAGER, you can increase your digital security from zero to over 90% with ease. After one-time configuration of the suggested templates, everything runs automatically – from distribution of tasks to employees, to collection of feedback, to audit-proof documentation. Make your choice between two models.

For corporate customers

As the person responsible for security, you work with our new SECURITY TASK MANAGER. It makes you a security professional and saves you time and money. Security made easy. Watch the video!

  • 1x per year setting up/checking the tool and training the administrator
  • Templates of the most important security tasks
  • Automated distribution of tasks to employees
  • Automated collection of responses
  • Automated creation of an audit-proof report
  • Sample and incident management

Try free for 20 days

CHF 240.- per year
(excl. VAT)

For trustees

This security task manager is also a MANDATORY tool. As a trustee, take over the function of the external security agent for your customers.

  • All features analogous to corporate customers
  • Clear client management
  • Specific webinar training
  • Marketing support
  • Integrated in Bexio

Try free for 20 days

CHF 240.- per client/ year
(excl. VAT)

Show expertise

Have the most important security tasks at your fingertips. The templates are pre-selected by security experts. Your choice.


Your customized task list provides an overview of running and planned user tasks.

Command & Control

Set your parameters such as start and end date, reminder and repeat intervals. Select user groups. Modify instruction email or questionnaire.

Lean back

Watch progress on the Dashboard. Delayed users will be reminded automatically.

Get attention

Some users may need a little push. Optionally take samples or open an incident report.


Download and disseminate an audit-proof report about every completed task. Search and find any report, task, incident, sample, period, user – anytime.

Developed by

Soomz stands for “Stay Out Of My Zoo,” which means: Respect my private space. It all started in 2014 when it became known that you can be spied on and blackmailed via your own webcam. Soomz was the first company in the world to launch a webcam cover. Our customers include various police corps, the German Bundestag, a variety of government agencies and companies, or exposed NGOs such as Amnesty. The small “security helpers” are used for awareness campaigns (click here for the B2B website). Private individuals can purchase the products in the store of the Stiftung für Konsumentenschutz (go to the category “safety products”).

In 2022, we have closed a gap in the field of security for small and medium-sized companies with the VIRTUAL SECURITY OFFICER. These typically do not have a full-time digital security professional. Our Security Task Manager also brings SMEs to a professional level. The new software is recommended by Bexio as well as by banks.

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